Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things to Know About Ice Watches
Ice Watches are manufactured by a Belgian designer, and have become extremely popular over the past 4 years. They originally appeared on the market in 2007, and have since then exploded in popularity. They are currently being sold in 55 countries throughout the world. For such a young brand to gain so much popularity, chances are they're doing something right. Probably one of the major selling points of Ice Watches lies in their overall versatility, lower prices than higher-end designer brands, and fashionable designs that appeal to people from all walks of life. Let's take a closer look at Ice watches.
A Design for Everyone
What sets the Ice Watch apart from the rest? If you had to name one thing, it would have to be colour. Ice watches are available in an assorted range of different colour combinations. The colours that are used are not plain or flat-looking, but bold and vivid. The ice watch can attract attention from across the room because it has a unique, colourful design with a youthful flair that is not commonly seen in a lot of modern designer watches. Additionally, Ice-watches are unisex, so both men and women will easily be able to find a model that appeal to them.
Some people have a big thing for fashion, and not all colours blend in correctly with every outfit. Even a classic steel watch might look out of place with that cocktail dress, so it's important to have several options to choose form. Because Ice watches are somewhat lower priced than other designer brands, they are great for people who like to mix up their styles every now and then. They fit casual and contemporary fashion quite well.
Additional Features
Ice watches have a variety of other features that make them attractive. When you first lay eyes on an Ice watch, chances are the first thing that will stand out to you is the amazing colour. If you take a closer look, you will see that the display of the watch itself is very intricately designed. Most have luminous hands that enable you to recognize the time even if you happen to be in a very dark area. Some models can be custom ordered to have crystals or diamonds encrusted into the display area or wrist band. If you are trying to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, an Ice watch should definitely be included within your list of options.

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Available Models
One of things that set the Ice watch apart from the rest is innovation in design. Instead of having a fixed line of models with few updates, there are new Ice watch lines and models released every several years. You could go with a Classic Clear, a Still Winter, or an Ice-Chocolate. There are literally hundreds of different colour combinations to choose from. Chances are you will spend a bit of time looking through the different models available before you make your mind up about the one you like best.
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