Monday, November 09, 2015

Tic Watches are again stockting G-Shock, Great news for lovers of discount prices!!

What Does Your Watch Say about You?

 Every watch brand sends a different message. To that end, you have to make an informed decision about the sort of watch you want to sport on your wrist.

Send the wrong message and you can come off looking foolish. Take the person putting their new Rolex on a pedestal as an example. Rather than classy and chic, they find themselves looking like a used car salesperson who had a good month.

We’re going to run through some of the biggest brands and show you what image you are likely to project with each one, thanks to Tic Watches for letting us in their darlington store and have a play with the products!


This is the ultimate all-American brand. Founded in Connecticut over a hundred years ago, these watches are mainly made in Asia. This is a watch that garners respect, the same respect that the brand gained when it led the field in American horology.

With so many designs inspired by the military, this brand is hip once again. It’s a brand to show off your money while incorporating America’s rich history in watches.

Casio G-Shock

 Casio has two sides to it. Wear one of the Pathfinder watches and it says you are a guy who likes going outside and getting things done. They’re designed for the active man. On the other hand, wear it with a formal shirt and you’re a man that knows nothing about fashion.

Look to the G-Shock line of watches. This is one of the most rugged timepieces you can find. Celebrities and rappers have been wearing the G-Shock for years. It’s a watch for the purist. But never EVER wear a Casio G-Shock with a suit ha ha view the lineup of discount G-Shock here


A Rolex watch is the brand everyone knows about, but it can also come off in two ways.

When done right, it is a timeless watch that’s about as masculine as you can get. The way you behave while wearing one will influence whether this is the message you send, though. Shove it in people’s faces and this brand name can quickly become a hindrance.

Learn about its history and its lineage, but see it as an addition to your overall look. Never make it seem as if it’s your entire look all at once.


An IWC watch is a watch that has to be worn consciously. IWC tool watches have a place in history. It’s a luxury timepiece for the man who likes to use his brains to get things done. On the other hand, it’s not a watch you would ever wear with an elegant suit.

It is anything but gaudy, so pair it accordingly.

Patek Philippe

Wear a Patek Philippe watch and you’re a man that likes to do what he wants whenever he likes. It’s probably the leading watch in the world right now. Yes, it’s even more popular than Rolex.

Patek Philippe watches are worn by captains of industry and leading businessmen. It is a watch for the power suit wearer. These watches are slim and timid, but they are easily noticeable from a distance. They come with a price tag to match, but if you fall into the categories mentioned above, that’s likely not a problem for you.


The Swatch is always an interesting proposition. It started out as the watch for the hipster. It was commonly found on the wrists of indie boy bands all over the world. On the other hand, this is also known as the watch that single-handedly saved the watch industry in Switzerland.

It did this back in the 1980s when quartz was the big thing. This ultra-thin watch came in dozens of colours and vastly increased production in the Swiss watch industry.

A man who wears a Swatch appreciates history. It’s also the choice of watch for the artist.


Finally, we come to the Tissot. This is known as a compromise watch. It’s for the man who really cannot decide what he wants out of life.

We are not saying that a Tissot is not a nice watch. On the contrary, these can look extremely fashionable, but you are never going to impress anybody. You are never going to stand out. If a Rolex was for a president, then a Tissot is for a vice-president. It is settling for second best.

Which Watch Should You Buy?

There is an enormous choice for you when it comes to choosing a watch. Ultimately, picking the right watch is about finding the watch you feel comfortable with. There is little need for purchasing a watch that goes well with a suit if you are the sort of person that never wears a suit.

We recommend looking online for the best deals while also visiting an actual store to see what they have to offer. An in-person fitting is always a good idea, even if just to make sure you are getting the right size.