Monday, April 18, 2005

Harry Winston Excenter Tourbillion

Designed in collaboration with the highly talented English master watchmaker Peter Speake Marin, Harry Winston is currently presenting a new tourbillon. This time, however, a tourbillon outside the Opus collection, as part of the Excenter series has some special characteristics inspired by old English horology. The tourbillon bridges, in this case visible on both the dial and movement side of the watch, are beautifully shaped and polished. The power reserve is a healthy 110 hours, and is shown by 2 indicators visible on the back of the movement, one indicator running from 0-50 and the other from 50 to 110. But since this information is located on the back of the watch, it is not always directly visible to the owner. An inspired solution was taken from some antique English racing cars that had dual fuel tanks using a meter with a colored indicator to show the last remaining liters of the fuel supply. Here, the HW logo on the dial side with its regulator style layout turns electric blue when the remaining power approaches the final 25 hours. Instead of the usual red jewels, this watch uses blue sapphires set into white gold chatons, each set with three blued screws. The ruthenium bridges, diamond jewel for the tourbillon dial side bridge, the decorative Geneva stripes of the movement used as a dial and all the details above, together create a technically unique and visually fascinating creation. The Excenter Tourbillon will be available in pink gold and platinum versions.

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