Monday, April 18, 2005

Urwerk UR-103

URWERK’s most recent creation is the model UR-103. A futuristic timepiece, its almost rectangular, solid gold case is wrought from a block of the precious metal.The design is completely different from the previous watches.The aerodynamic cross-section of an idealized wing profile looks great on the wrist and is a work of figurative art in itself. It can also be further personalized by engraving on the top or sides. According to Marcel Duchamp, again, it is a futuristic symbiosis of two dimensions: time and space. It is also true to the archaic principle of tracing exact time simply by the path travelled by a single pointer.
The truly gigantic crown at the "12 o’clock” position is an eyecatching – and highly unusual – style element. Like a rocket engine, the crown is the watch’s power source, because it is used to wind the movement up to its 42-hour reserve. As another ‘first’ in the URWERK Collection, the display field for the ‘travelling hour’ is closer to the viewer, having been shifted to the lower edge of the case. Combined with the display position, this makes discreet, easier reading of the time possible.There is no need to turn the wrist towards the body to do this. Another innovation are the three separate display fields on the underside of the watch, which cannot be seen when it is worn. Under sapphire glass, this control centre or dashboard has second hands, a 15-minute revolution, the power reserve and the unique running control.
The watch case size is: 36 x 14 x 50 mm.Traveling hour indication, available in rose- and white gold, polished or engraved, shaped sapphire glass, antireflex.Caliber UR 03-I, manually winding movement, 4 Maltese cross based, rotary system, frequency 21600 A/h, Control center (case back), 42 hour power reserve indicator, 15-minute and 60-second dials, regulating screw (for tweaking the time forward or backward 30 seconds in a 24-hour period)