Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tag Heuer Monaco 69

With the introduction of the new Monaco Sixty Nine, TAG Heuer has created a concept watch that features two key surprises. The first originality lies in the fact that, contrary to the customary chronograph model, this Monaco comes in a "straightforward" watch version. The other innovation relates to the extraordinary technical feat that made it possible to integrate the classic Monaco dial and a digital chronograph dial within the same case! TAG Heuer has devised a concept watch featuring the amazing paradox of housing two generations of mechanism corresponding to entirely separate technologies. A mechanical hand-wound movement faithful to the vintage model is associated with an ultra-modern quartz movement. For TAG Heuer, it was a question of rethinking tradition. In terms of the extremely elegant design, the evolution is first visible on the case with its four pushbuttons spread around the circumference. On the classic Monaco side, the black shade of the leather strap and dial is discreetly matched by the silvered folding clasp and steel case. The small seconds register at 6 o'clock is entirely in tune with the harmoniously understated overall effect. This subtle equilibrium contrasts with the other high-tech side of the case with its digital display dial and 1/1000th of a second chronograph function. The Monaco Sixty Nine embodies the bold characteristics of a new icon, a prestigious and highly singular object that will delight the distinguished devotees of the TAG Heuer Monaco.