Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S

An elegant, high-performance chronograph that displays Time, Chronograph elapsed time and a Regatta Countdown function all using the three central hands (hour, minutes, seconds) and two patented counters with bi-directional hands positioned at 5 and 7 o’clock.
The 3 central hands are used to display either the elapsed hours/minutes/seconds in the Chronograph mode, or the hours/minutes/seconds in the Time mode or, turning anti-clockwise, the remaining minutes/seconds in the Regatta countdown mode, making the watch extremely comprehensible. The right semi-circular counter with bidirectional hand displays the tenth of a second in the Chronograph mode. If the Time mode is in use, the date is displayed using both the left and right bidirectional hands of the semi-circular counters: the left counter indicates the tens and the right the units. To switch from standard Time mode to Chronograph mode or to Regatta countdown mode, the crown is pressed, once to access the Chronograph mode and twice to access the Regatta countdown mode. The small hand of the semi-circular left counter changes to indicate the Mode, and all the central hands are automatically set to the appropriate starting position. For the Regatta Countdown mode, by pressing the crown of the Calibre S twice, the central minute hands go to a 10 minute-countdown (any minute countdown can be set) as indicated on the aluminium bezel. The second hand is set to 0. The left semi-circular counter hand indicates ‘Regatta’. By pressing the pushbutton at 2 o’clock the 10-minute countdown begins and the second and minute hands turn anti-clockwise from the 10-minute position. When the countdown is completed, the minute and second hands having turned anticlockwise reach zero and the watch automatically switches to the chronograph function and runs from zero in the standard clockwise manner. At this point, the left counter hand indicates ‘Chrono’. The watch has either a blue or anthracite dial with sunray decoration, is water-resistant to 300 metres, has a perpetual calendar, 1/10th of a second precision, a fixed aluminium bezel with countdown scale, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, luminescent hands and markers, hand-applied indexes and semi-circular counters. The 3-row steel bracelet, alternately polished and fine-brushed, has a double safety clasp and bracelet extension.