Monday, October 24, 2005

Urwerk UR-103.03 Targa

And the heavens opened……Following the organic lines of growth set out by URWERK from its inception, the new UR-103.03 represents a further development of the UR-103 both mechanically and visually.
The top of the case has been opened up to the heavens; much in the same way the roof of an observatory opens to give the astronomer’s telescope a full view of the stars. This seemingly simple development is the result of much experimentation, as the sapphire glass used in the new window of the UR-103.03 is so completely unique that it was nearly impossible for us to develop techniques to create it. The effect of this new window is exceptionally dramatic; the orbital cross has become visible to the user, which means that not only the present time is visible, but also the approach of the future and the passage of the past are evidenced by the satellites approaching and departing from the 60-minute hour arc at the front. This is an experience and sensation of timekeeping and time unlike any other that exists, and it represents a powerful and clear statement of URWERK’S philosophy towards timekeeping. The orbital cross has now been given very fine detailing along the center of the arms and the round platforms from which the satellites hang suspended. Case outlines and the surface texture of the UR-103.03 have also become more powerful and bold. Paired grooves in the gold or platinum surfaces create a new sensory experience of the unique and complex curvature of the case.