Friday, December 16, 2005

Vogard Business Officer

VOGARD has crafted the first mechanical watch in the world that enables the wearer to easily change timezones by simply rotating the bezel either backwards or forwards. The Timezoner® system automatically coordinates the bezel’s rotation with both the position of the hour hand and that of the AM.-PM. pointer at the center of the dial. Additionally, the VOGARD Timezoner® system is the first to allow clear indication of Daylight Savings Time (summer time) in a given location, also via the turning of the bezel. The result is a timezone watch with a previously unattainable practicality for the wearer. Antimagnetic stainless steel 316L case, polished or brushed by hand. Lever to activate or deactivate timezoner. Diameter 43 mm. Height 12 mm to 14 mm (center). Inside and outside curved sapphire crystal; 2,3 mm. Case back with 4 screws and see-through mineral glass. Water resistance to 100 m (330 ft). Caliber Timezoner 01, diameter 33 mm, height 5 mm, parts decorated and assembled by hand. Stainless steel cown wheel. Gold plated transmission wheels. Date window psitioned at 04.30. 28'800 vibrations per hour. Power reserve 36 hours.