Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lang & Heyne King Johann

Crafted case from 18 ct white gold, diameter 43,5 mm, sapphire glass on the top and on the bottom,crocodile leather strap, with buckle in 18 ct gold. Simple sunk enamelled dial with roman numerals, spade hands in blued steel, eccentric second hand. Manual winding movement Caliber I, 46 hours running time, second hand stop mechanism. 16 ¼ lines, diameter 36.6mm. Frequecy 18.000 semi-oscillations per hour. 19 rubies, 1 diamond. Shock-resistant gold-screw balance. Breguet spring. Swan-neck fine adjustment. Pulsating eccentric second hand. Second hand stop mechanism. Winding wheels with double solar finish.