Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Guy Ellia Squelette

This is an element of the Time Square collection. The strongest point is a sophisticated clockwork produced by the famous Parmigiani house based on a watch designed by Guy Ellia. The design of the «Squelette» is soft and determined. The sophisticated shapes integrate the Time Square lines. The cuts and the bridges are designed by Guy Ellia and are marketed with mat black or rhodium coated plate. CARACTERISTIC : Parmigiani clockwork for GUY ELLIA 117 calibre. 8 days power reserve. Hour. Minute. Second to 6 h00. Autonomy to 12h00. Function: Autonomy by spherical differential. Simple instantaneous day. Winding and setting the time with a 3 position button : 1.Manual rewinding; 2.Rapid date setting. 3.Time setting.